»Poetic Forest«

International Forest Art at Lushan, China

The »Poetic Forest« is installed along the »Path of the yellow dragon temple« since 2010/2011 with 17 artworks to capture the poetic ambiance and mirror this in an artistic installation or performance. The magic of the landscape inspired a wide variety of works of art that blends into the dense forest. The works of art include installations made of wood, textiles or stone. Since Chinese landscape painting is deemed to have originated at Mount Lushan, the theme landscape, nature and sustainable art is present at all times.

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Flowing Inspiration

International Forest Art at Chengdu, China

The beautiful Yu Lei Mountain will lend its spectacular scenery to the Forest Art Chengdu project. The slowly flowing Min river and the sight onto the 2300 year old dam have been the inspiration for an art project which combines Forest Art and Land Art. "Flowing Inspiration" will bring together the aspects of this historic place and the contemporary nature art based projects which will be created alongside the ancient path. The Forest Art Path has a length of about 2 km and will be a pleasant walk nearby the river.

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